Bullet-Proof WiFi

Have you ever experienced slow Wi-Fi or disconnections? Have you ever been in the middle of an important email or document and you lose connection? You’re not alone. We’ve spent a lot of time working with Wi-Fi vendors to create Wi-Fi so fast and reliable that we guarantee it.


In partnership with Cisco Meraki, we’ve designed the perfect Wi-Fi system from the ground up.  We guarantee an end to slow speeds, dropped connections, and interruptions to your work because of Wi-Fi.  Our team has tuned the system for maximum compatibility and reliability with no compromises.

Our system utilizes the latest technologies to outperform any enterprise-grade solution while maintaining the latest security standards.  We have developed a set of configurations that not only maintain high speeds for each device connected but also hand off devices seamlessly from one access point to another while your team moves around the building with zero drops in service.

Let us show you what productivity looks like with Wi-Fi so fast you’ll think your devices were plugged in.