IT Services

IT Services

No nickel-and-diming – our philosophy starts with flat rates and ends with giving you peace of mind. Just imagine having a predictable budget for ALL of your business and IT services. Imagine your staff being able to call for support 24/7, 365 for any IT issues, without worrying about hourly charges.

With We Solve Problems, you can focus on your business knowing that all of your business and technology needs will be covered under a flat-rate plan. We guarantee fewer issues, less downtime, and absolutely no hidden fees.

Managed IT Support


We know how important day-to-day IT operations are for running an organization smoothly. But for many businesses, maintaining the IT infrastructure in-house can be very expensive and inefficient. At We Solve Problems, we provide all Managed IT Services under one roof, supporting all your network appliances, desktops, servers, and other IT assets.

Your systems will be monitored and managed both locally and remotely 24/7, 365, with issues usually getting resolved without any interruptions to your day. The scope of our involvement depends on several factors like devices on the network, number of locations, size of business, and additional offerings. The idea here is that you outsource your IT to a group of professionals who are at the top of their game in their respective fields. Our managed services help you deal with technology in a more efficient way so you can focus on your business goals.


Features of Our Managed IT Services


Asset Management

Network Monitoring & Management

24/7 Technical Support

Disaster Recovery Preparedness

Endpoint Security

Asset Health Reporting

Compliance Reviews

Help Desk Ticketing

Project Consulting

Network Traffic Shaping

Patch Management

IT Budget Review

Managed Data Backup


Cyber Security Audit


The world of technology is ever-changing, making it difficult to protect your company from existing and new cyber threats. For every threat that is identified and blocked, seemingly dozens more pop up, waiting to wreak havoc on your systems. An antivirus or antimalware software is no longer enough to keep your business data protected 24/7.

Our advanced security solutions protect your server, mobile devices, network, and workstations from a variety of known threats. Let us do the heavy lifting and keep your business protected behind-the-scenes while you focus on your business goals and dreams.


Features of Our Cyber Security Features


Centralized smart scanning

AntiSpam email protection

Firewall with intrusion detection

Managed threat protection

Web filtering and control

Server and device compatibility


Business Compliance


Just because regulatory requirements are complex, it doesn’t mean compliance has to be as well. Through expert service options, advanced software, and proprietary data, we help businesses enjoy the benefits of complete compliance while preserving budget dollars and staff hours for the tasks that truly matter.

We specialize in entity management and complex licensing for organizations with a nationwide presence in the US. At each phase of the corporate lifecycle, we wade through the intricacy and protect your compliance so you can move forward with total confidence.


Cloud Migration


Our cloud migration services have been designed to get the job done as quickly as possible, without disruption. We have migrated hundreds of vital workloads to-and-from-and-within hybrid, private, public, and multi-cloud environments. In other words, we have seen your specific case before, and if we haven’t, we’ll figure it out quicker than the “other guys.”

Moving to the cloud is one of the most significant steps in growing your business successfully and achieving the benefits of scalability, agility, and cost-efficiency. We Solve Problems has a long track record of delivering successful cloud migration services for businesses and non-profits of all sizes across a wide range of industries. We strive for a seamless transition of your valuable data to the cloud with ZERO downtime.


Bulletproof WiFi


Provide private wireless access for your employees and a public, secure WiFi network for your guests in one completely managed, end-to-end solution. Our Managed WiFi allows network managers to outsource their burden and eliminate the cost of setting up and managing a wireless network. Our cloud-based bulletproof WiFi service fits all kinds of wireless LAN needs, including:


Multi-site organizations


Large facilities


Ranch offices


Training and Education


To drive real growth for your business, it is important to invest in your most crucial resource – your employees. Education drives real, measurable progress but it is more than simply reinforcing the information they already know. Building a team of quality employees and retaining them requires investing in their professional development. We Solve Problems can ensure that investment sees a healthy return.


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