Managed IT Services For Real Estate Firms

Your dependency on your phone is increasing. Especially when you have private client information and detailed exchanges with buyers, sellers, title agencies, and mortgage brokers. You’ll need the finest in managed IT, IT support, file encryption, cybersecurity, and cloud networking since your team is always on the move.


  • Industry-Leading, Flexible IT Services

    The real estate sector is changing, and your company should too. For businesses of any size, We Solve Problems provides IT services and evaluations. We put you in a position to sell and transform your business successfully.

  • Responsive And Portable Support

    For IT support for your real estate firm, our IT team is staffed around the clock by certified IT wizards.

  • Effective Cybersecurity Services at Reasonable Prices

    We Solve Problems offers a special group of professionals working entirely on corporate security. This is crucial if you go from one property visit to another while on the road.

What We Have In Store For Your Company

We Solve Problems excels in providing unmatched technical advice, network maintenance, and other IT services for all small real estate companies. WSP wants to free you from the burden of dealing with IT assistance. We provide the following technological support:

  • IT Support
  • Network and Server Management
  • Device Management
  • Employee Onboarding/ Offboarding
  • Procurement and Provisioning
  • Application and Cloud Management
  • Cybersecurity
  • Policy and Compliance
  • Complete IT Build-Outs
  • Access Controls

Ws provides your clients with the same degree of devoted professionalism and service as an extension of your team. We comprehend the difficulties you encounter, such as the requirement to:

  • Securing personal data, including financial records
  • Share private data with banks, homebuyers, and sellers.
  • Split your network to distinguish between worker access and visitor access.
  • Keep up an online presence that shows your company in a professional manner.

WSP takes pride in supporting your systems, ensuring uptime, and communicating with vendors in case of any problems. Rest assured, we will understand your unique business need and provide a solution to meet those needs. To put our money where our mouth is, we will offer you a FREE CONSULTATION.

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