We’re revolutionizing the way you work with IT.

We Solve Problems IT has been providing managed IT, IT support, and cloud networking services for the past seven years to many businesses in Los Angeles.

Our goal is to go above and beyond your expectations so that we can establish a lasting, mutually beneficial partnership.


    Our values of excellence and commitment serve as a baseline for how we try to run our company every day. As we achieve the vision, our values define how we see the world and influence how we interact with one another.


    Our promise is to support the expansion and development of organizations like yours. We firmly believe that if we assist local businesses in resolving their IT challenges, they can increase their productivity and profitability and we will inevitably develop alongside them. There are no tricks, no surprises, and no hidden fees!


    WSP has been working to close the technological gap that prevents the accomplishment of organizational goals since 2015. As a top provider of managed IT support services in Los Angeles, we have been vigilant in assisting companies to keep their attention on their goals rather than the ongoing duty of monitoring their IT infrastructure.

What We Can Do For You

Do the following queries relate to your existing IT support company:

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    Do you currently have a need for a more robust IT infrastructure?

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    Does your current provide lighten or increase your financial load?

  • 3.

    Does your current provider frequently improve one element of your IT infrastructure while damaging another?

  • 4.

    Could a majority of your ongoing IT issues have been fixed with a little preventative maintenance?

Our aim at We Solve Problems is to alter YOUR perspective on the issue. Managed IT Support can be inexpensive and hassle-free if you partner with us to mange your IT infrastructure. To prove this, we will provide you with a FREE CONSULTATION.

Our Core Values

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These values make us who we are and help us shape the successful future of your company.
Our People


The executive team of We Solve Problems has a proven track record of achievement in technology and business operations.

Ashkaan Hassan, Esq

Ashkaan Hassan, Esq

CEO and Founder
Tyler Herbst

Tyler Herbst

Technical Director
Emma Mayberry

Emma Mayberry

Client Success Director
Mary Lazzara

Mary Lazzara

Finance and Accounting
Cesar Lezama

Cesar Lezama

Microsoft 365 Master
Tom Quinn

Tom Quinn

Cabling and Infrastructure
Kevin Buhler

Kevin Buhler

Virtualization and Data Management
Austin File

Austin File

Google Support Analyst
Why choose us

6 Reasons To Choose
We Solve Problems

Do the following queries relate to your existing IT support company:

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    Fast Response Time

    You won’t have to wait for a professional to arrive, we may remotely connect to your PC or server and fix numerous problems right away.

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    High Level of Experience

    Our years of experience in the business technology sector will not only provide you with seamless working but also ensure that your IT strategy is perfectly in line with your company’s objectives.

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    No IT Language

    Your queries should receive straightforward English responses, and not difficult jargon. To ensure your understanding, our professionals will thoroughly explain the problem.

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    Business Acumen

    We thoroughly develop, analyze, and align IT solutions with complete comprehension of an organization’s business goals.

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    We Do It All

    We take care of every element of your IT infrastructure, comprising IT Support, Cloud Networking, and any additional requirements for allied technologies.

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    Guaranteed Complete Satisfaction

    We aim for the complete satisfaction of all our customers. Whatever is necessary, we’ll do it to satisfy you. No difficulties or issues.

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