We’re revolutionizing the way you work with IT.

We Solve Problems IT has been providing managed IT, IT support, and cloud networking services for the past seven years to many businesses in Los Angeles.

Our goal is to go above and beyond your expectations so that we can establish a lasting, mutually beneficial partnership.


    Our values of excellence and commitment serve as a baseline for how we try to run our company every day. As we achieve the vision, our values define how we see the world and influence how we interact with one another.


    Our promise is to support the expansion and development of organizations like yours. We firmly believe that if we assist local businesses in resolving their IT challenges, they can increase their productivity and profitability and we will inevitably develop alongside them. There are no tricks, no surprises, and no hidden fees!


    WSP has been working to close the technological gap that prevents the accomplishment of organizational goals since 2015. As a top provider of managed IT support services in Los Angeles, we have been vigilant in assisting companies to keep their attention on their goals rather than the ongoing duty of monitoring their IT infrastructure.

How The Process Works


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After your referral has successfully signed up to use our services, you’ll get an email confirming the details of the referral rewards.

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    What qualifies someone as a new client?

    Any person or organization that needs IT support.

    How long does the program run?

    The program is currently running through the end of the year.

    What qualifies someone as a valid referral?

    Any person or organization that signs up for IT service with us.

    How much is the referral award?

    The referral award varies depending on the type of services your referral signs up for—the more services they sign up for, the greater the reward.  We will send you your thank you earnings each month for twelve months.

    Managed IT

    What types of industries benefit the most?

    Every organization can benefit from the help of a managed IT services provider. If your organization is struggling with any of the following problems, it’s time to start thinking about a partnership:

    • Businesses Needing A Boost in Security
    • Businesses That Don’t Have Time to Spend on IT
    • Businesses Needing a Controlled, Predictable Budget
    • Businesses Needing to Maintain Compliance
    • Businesses Needing a Competitive Edge

    What if we already have an internal IT department?

    Some of our greatest value comes from our co-managed solutions.  If your current IT department is struggling to deliver, we can redesign their processes and build on the existing technologies to help both sides succeed.  We will also independently audit their work and deliver reports along with remediations to get the most out of your team.

    How long does it take to change providers?

    The transition period is typically 30 days and includes collaboration with your current provider for the knowledge transfer of all IT systems details and credentials. We strongly recommend continuing your service with your current provider during the transition period.

    This overlapping approach makes the transition more seamless. Plus, the incumbent IT provider will be more likely to cooperate with account transfer details if your account is still active.  However, if you cannot, or don’t have the option, we can work around that and get your technology in good shape by working with you directly.

    Does my business need managed IT services?

    The short answer: Yes.

    The longer answer: While many minor IT issues can be resolved without consulting professionals, it’s always a safer option to have a reliable MSP by your side to troubleshoot unexpected errors. Even simple software-related issues can affect your business productivity and put operations at a halt. Hiring a remote managed IT service ensures you can navigate all seemingly simple and complex IT-related issues, receive the resources and guidance you need, and get things back on track without waiting for help to arrive.

    Why Us

    What makes us different?

    We Solve Problems has been working to close the gap between organizations and technology to drive their goals since 2010.

    As a top provider of managed IT support services in Los Angeles, we have worked with many owners and directors to accomplish their business goals.  Our job doesn’t stop with technology.  We look at the organization holistically to determine where and how we ensure the business meets its needs.  If we can utilize technology to achieve the result, we do.

    What certifications and partnerships do you have?

    Some of our partners include:

    • MSP 510 Channel features
    • Google Cloud Premium Partner
    • Synology Pater
    • Apple Premier Partner
    • Datto Professional Global Partner
    • Unitrends
    • Adobe
    • BBB A+ Rated
    • Los Angeles Green Business
    • Entrepreneurs Organization

    What is your average response time?

    Our average response time is 11 minutes.

    What kind of contracts do you offer?

    We work with our client in one of two ways: (a) managed services, or (b) fixed retainer.  Both contracts get the benefit of our awesome support team, our cybersecurity auditing, and our process workflow optimization.  The only difference is in how we bill for our services.

    Under a managed services contract, we bill our services based on the number of users in the organization.  It’s unlimited and there are no additional fees.  This is really useful for when you’re starting out small and want your IT services to grow with your organization.

    Under a fixed retainer, we bill our services hourly and we have a set number of hours dedicated per month.  You can go over those hours if you need to, but you have the option to space out work to keep a predictable monthly bill that you can plan for.

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    • Network

      As cloud services rely on networks, We Solve Problems’ IT network monitoring and control services are now essential for IT.

    • Help Desk

      Maximizing service effectiveness, fixing issues, and promoting ongoing service innovation are We Solve Problem’s round-the-clock support goals.

    • Infrastructure

      We Solve Problems ensures that your IT infrastructure is constantly optimized to deliver the dependable and highly accessible services that businesses require.

    • An All-Inclusive Set of Cloud Tools

      Receive managed cloud solutions for quick and accurate problem identification and diagnosis.

    • Co-Managed or Fully Managed Services

      We will do as you ask! Entrust us with your IT management services, or let us collaborate with your IT experts.

    • Applications

      By supporting software and on-premise installations, We Provide Solutions ensures that programs are always optimized for the optimal customer experience.