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The Most Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I sign up for We Solve Problem’s managed IT services?

Once you sign up for our services, our representatives will reach out to you and cover all bases at the get-go. We’ll go over your package details, including pricing and billing information, additional benefits, specific services offered, and the value our team will add to your business. We’ll also discuss the general state of your business’s IT infrastructure, perform preliminary diagnostics, and an initial IT support plan customized for your business.

Is managed IT support only for large enterprises?

This is a common misconception. Managed IT support services benefit businesses of all scales and sizes. The extent of the benefits offered may vary in terms of the complexities within the IT infrastructures of each company.

Does We Solve Problems provide managed IT support for all types of businesses?

Yes! It doesn’t matter if you’re a new business, a small business, a mid-sized veteran business, or a large-scale, well-established company. Our managed IT services are suited for all business sizes and types. We also cater to diverse industries, including insurance, finance, healthcare, and real estate.

What’s the difference between hiring in-house IT support and hiring We Solve Problems?

Hiring an in-house IT team is typically more costly and doesn’t cover data loss and malware prevention strategies. On the other hand, hiring a managed IT support team allows you to delegate all aspects of your IT needs to a third-party provider specializing in the field. It’s more affordable for organizations and also helps them proactively monitor and maintain their IT infrastructure’s integrity.

Does my business need remote managed IT services?

The short answer: Yes.

The longer answer: While many minor IT issues can be resolved without consulting professionals, it’s always a safer option to have a reliable MSP by your side to troubleshoot unexpected errors. Even simple software-related issues can affect your business productivity and put operations at a halt. Hiring a remote managed IT service ensures you can navigate all seemingly simple and complex IT-related issues, receive the resources and guidance you need, and get things back on track without waiting for help to arrive.

How does We Solve Problems address emergencies?

You don’t have to worry about us being unavailable on weekends or public holidays. We know all too well that an IT crisis can occur at any moment, which is why we provide emergency IT support to our clients. You can reach out to us 24/7/365 for your technical needs.

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