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We Solve Problems has been providing enterprise-level Managed IT Support services to businesses throughout the Los Angeles and Orange County area since 2015. Our dream team is composed of engineers, financial wizards, and corporate law superstars that are considered the crème de la crème in their respective fields. Our collective expertise will give your business a competitive edge that sets you apart and helps you accelerate the growth of your business.

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    3774 Selby Ave
    Los Angeles
    California 90034

    Organizations We Are Currently Serving


    Financial and accounting firms



    Government contractors

    Engineering and architectural firms

    SaaS companies

    Medical and healthcare organizations


    The “Preventative” IT Support Services Company


    Some managed IT support and business compliance agencies offer regular preventative maintenance by scheduling visits on specific dates and times. The reason behind this is to allow the technician to fill up their day with as many billable hours as possible. When they visit your office, they generally have a block of time to complete a series of tasks to perform the proactive maintenance that keeps your network running smoothly.

    Sounds good? Actually, this IT technician often doesn’t have the flexibility to go over the allotted time, especially if they don’t have the authorization to bill you for those extra hours. The worst part is, if they finish their tasks early, they either have to find other things to “fix” or simply move on to the next client. Whether the technician takes an hour or just 15 minutes to do their job, you will pay for the whole hour.


    This is where We Solve Problems does things differently!


    We DON’T want you to pay unpredictable hourly charges for IT support services! It doesn’t make sense. Your business should be able to get proactive support it needs, when it needs it!


    Our Promise


    Our entire strategy is designed to give you and your company peace of mind when it comes to your IT support services needs. We take the best aspects of preventative maintenance and hourly support, add a 24×7 live helpdesk – without any extra fee – and package it all together into one flat rate.


    So how are we able to keep our clients happy and our costs low?


    We have spent years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to create an automated system that can monitor your workstations and servers, and identify problems before they cause your downtime.


    The flat rate includes:

    Round-the-clock helpdesk

    Site backups

    Virus protection

    Business compliance


    Project planning

    and much more!


    We have an IT support services team and helpdesk available 24/7, 365 so you can sleep soundly knowing we’ve got your back.


    No-Pressure Sales Promise


    As you can see from the way we work, We Solve Problems doesn’t adhere to the traditional way of doing things. This includes taking a unique approach to our initial client consultations as well. We know that more than half the clients we meet with never buy a thing – and that’s perfectly okay. There will be no pressure to partner with us because we want to make sure the fit is right for both of us. After the free, no-strings-attached consultation, we guarantee that you will have gained valuable insight on how to improve your business processes and IT infrastructure.


    Set Up Your Free Consultation and IT Audit


    We understand that not every company’s IT support services needs are the same. Whether you are looking for help with state and federal compliance regulations, or you want ongoing support with cybersecurity or cloud migration through managed services – we can help.

    We will work with you to create IT solutions customized to fit the needs of your business. We would love to discuss your business objectives and walk you through our step-by-step process to optimize your business operations. Nobody knows your business as well as you do. Our goal is to listen and to learn how we can help.

    That being said, we are aware that we’re not for everyone. But if you are looking to cultivate a true, lasting client-vendor relationship, we might be the right fit for you. To schedule a free consultation, call us at 310-998-7070 or simply fill out this online form and we will contact you to schedule a call within the next business day.