The Different Types of IT Solutions for Small Business

it solutions for small business
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The Different Types of IT Solutions for Small Business

There’s a reason why the market for IT professionals is expected to increase by 15% over the next decade. In the past, only large corporations really required IT services. These days, even small businesses can benefit from an investment in IT. While there are a lot of different IT solutions out there, it can be challenging to navigate all of the available options.

So how do you know which IT solutions you need for your small business? Simple: by reading this guide. In this guide, we’ll cover some of the common IT solutions that small businesses tend to invest in. That way, you can decide for yourself which ones are right for you.

Cybersecurity Solutions

Did you know that roughly $4.2 billion are lost annually by businesses due to cybercrime? And that’s just the amount that gets reported to the FBI! These days, the effects of cybercrime aren’t limited to lost money and stalled operations.

If personal information about your staff or customers gets leaked, it can cause the public to lose faith in your business. Because of this, it’s a good idea to invest in IT cybersecurity solutions. This is especially true if your small business handles potentially sensitive information. A comprehensive cybersecurity solution will protect the software, hardware, and data you use daily.

Security software and backup plans are an excellent place to start. However, the ideal cybersecurity solution will also include comprehensive strategies for minimizing employee risk, like multi-factor authentication and stronger passwords.

IT Support Solutions

If any aspect of your business relies on technology, you can encounter problems. Maybe you need extra assistance with a new device or new software. Or, you could face a more comprehensive system or network problem that needs fixing immediately. Regardless of the severity of the problem, IT support for small businesses can help you and your employees get back to work as soon as possible.

Proper IT support solutions will maximize your company’s productivity because they reduce the downtime spent waiting for the problem to get fixed. And don’t think that you need an onsite IT team for support.

These days, many IT Support companies offer a help desk service where they can interact directly with your technology from a remote setting. Ideally, these types of small business IT solutions will be available at the drop of a hat when you need them.

Device Management Solutions

In the past, IT professionals tended only to deal with one primary device: the computer. Nowadays, that’s simply no longer the case.

Because of the Internet of Things (IoT), companies must also worry about equipment like mobile phones, storage devices, servers, and workstations. The influx of devices makes it hard to stay on top of all the devices used for your business. This can create serious security concerns down the line. Device management solutions ensure that all the devices used in your business align with your current security strategy. That means that only people with the proper devices (and permissions) can access certain information. It also helps ensure that all the devices are used as intended. Service providers will make sure devices stay up-to-date and running efficiently.

Onboarding Solutions

Bringing on new employees can often be challenging. You have to be mindful of taxes, salary, and training, but you need to consider a million other tiny details, too.

Things like adding new devices to your network, creating new email addresses, and training them to use your apps are just some of the things you need to worry about.

The good news is that some IT companies can automate this entire onboarding process. What’s more, they can also help with the offloading process when an employee needs to leave.

Cloud Storage Solutions

Hardware data can quickly get expensive. And, as a small business, you likely don’t need the benefits of storing your data in-house.

The good news is that cloud technology solutions allow you to store just as much data at a much more affordable price. What’s more, in the event of a power outage or similar problem, you will still have access to any data that’s being stored in the cloud. The same can’t be said about hardware storage. 

The only downside to cloud storage is the need for more robust security. But if you have a sound cybersecurity strategy, this shouldn’t be a problem. Cloud storage relies on a reliable network. So make sure your IT provider can give you the network solutions you need.

Why Managed IT Solutions Are Better for Small Businesses

A dedicated, onsite IT team can seem like an attractive option, but it raises some problems for the average small business. 

For one thing, it’s expensive. It requires having a lot of employees on salary, with additional benefits. 

It’s also difficult to train the employees you have if IT is not your forte, especially when navigating an ever-changing digital environment.

So, what’s the best solution for small businesses? Managed IT Solutions allow you to save money while boosting your overall operational effectiveness. Partnering with a Managed IT Service provider allows you to only invest in the IT solutions and services you require.

Avoid paying for IT services that you rarely use. With Managed IT, you can also access expert help with any IT problem you encounter. It’s a great way to maximize a potentially small IT budget.

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We hope this guide helped you learn about some of the different types of IT solutions for small business owners. The most important thing when searching for solutions is to find an IT company you can trust. Here at We Solve Problems IT, we help you decide which aspect of your IT needs requires prioritizing. What’s more, there are no hidden fees or tricks you need to worry about. So, if you’re ready for the small business IT solutions that you deserve, contact us today.