Cybersecurity Audit: 4 Reasons You Should Have an Audit Performed

Building trust is not as easy today as it was decades ago, especially if your business handles someone else’s information. Cyberattacks are now costing small companies about $200,000 on average, despite the growing compliance measures.

If your organization handles data that could be exposed through a hack or a breach, and you can’t show your clients what measures you are taking to protect that data, you are highly likely to lose good customers.  This is where a cybersecurity audit comes in.

What is a Cybersecurity Audit?

When you hear the term cybersecurity audit, it essentially means “risk assessment.”  The purpose of this process is for a company to understand the cybersecurity risk to its operations, assets, and clients.

The cybersecurity assessment framework has 5 main categories:

cybersecurity audit

  •       Identify
  •       Protect
  •       Detect
  •       Respond
  •       Recover

The purpose of a cybersecurity audit is to identify the following: 

  •       Internal and external vulnerabilities
  •       Threats to your company (individuals, assets, and operations)
  •       The harmful effects that can occur
  •       The probability that harm will occur
  •       The extent of risk

Now that you know what a cybersecurity audit is, let’s discuss the key reasons you need it.

Why Your Business Needs a Cybersecurity Audit

As we explained above, this is a process of identifying and estimating risks to your information security. Assessing risk means carefully analyzing the threat and vulnerability to figure out the extent to which certain events could damage your organization. This includes analyzing the probability that such events will occur. Here’s why you need a cybersecurity audit and assessment:

You want to stay compliant

Pretty much every regulatory compliance requirement includes a thorough audit. Thanks to a cybersecurity assessment for compliance, you will be able to understand your full range of risk exposure. This will help you map risks to the applicable risk owners and allocate resources to mitigate said risks effectively.

You want to stay on top of your security protocols

Gap analysis is a big part of a cybersecurity audit. This analysis helps you identify any deficiencies between a specific framework/regulation and your company’s security program. It will help you understand what gaps may need to be filled to make your network breach-proof.

You want to identify vulnerabilities in your system

A cybersecurity audit will help you locate and identify vulnerabilities in your applications and infrastructure. You will be able to see a clear picture of all the security flaws and overall risk. As a result, you will gain a better understanding of your assets, and reduce the risk of getting hacked.

You want to discover true asset identities

When we say “assets,” we mean more than your servers or laptops. We are talking about a complex mix of digital assets and computing platforms that represent your “attack surface,” such as web applications, cloud, mobile devices, and more.

A cybersecurity assessment will help you discover true asset identities across any digital environment so you can see all your assets in real-time.

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At We Solve Problems, we understand that the compliance environment in 2020 is extremely complicated. You need to constantly monitor your financials and keep your data protected. Unfortunately, cybercriminals keep coming up with craftier ways to attack businesses.

In fact, the recent coronavirus pandemic has somehow encouraged these cyber attackers, increasing the number of security breaches up to 5 times compared to last year!

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