5 Reasons Managed IT Support Can Improve Your Business

Managed IT support, as the name suggests, takes the burden of supporting your IT staff and infrastructure off of your plate. Even though a managed IT support team assumes full responsibility for the delivery and management of your IT services, it is much cheaper than having your own in-house team.

In fact, if you are a small or medium-sized business with your own IT support staff, you are literally throwing away money. There are several more benefits of managed IT solutions than the financial ones. Let’s take a look. 

Saves Money and Time

If your organization is also looking for a way to save money and time (like everyone else), managed IT services can help you do that.

This is the age of optimization and paying excessive and unpredictable costs of an in-house IT team is just not necessary. Recruiting, hiring, and training IT professionals costs a fortune; and we haven’t even taken into account the cost of setting up your own IT infrastructure. A managed IT support team will cut down all these expenses, and free your valuable time up so you can focus on the big picture.

Level the Playing Field

Small businesses simply cannot compete with the IT capabilities of the behemoths in their industries – even though they must confront many of the same IT challenges.

Fortunately, outsourcing your IT needs to an experienced partner means you can use the same techniques and tools that are used by the big boys. By choosing the right managed IT support team, you will have access to the same technology and expertise of IT support as your biggest competitors. 

Consolidate Your IT Expenses

managed it support

Managed IT providers help you consolidate and centralize, and secure all your data to reduce excessive hardware costs. This is a big cost saving in operating expenses, especially with power bills, rented equipment, and more. 

One study shows that businesses that stopped paying an hourly rate for in-house IT teams and turned to managed services experienced a minimum of 50% increase in cost savings.

24x7x365 Support

What happens if you run into a tech issue at 2 am in the morning? An in-house tech team wouldn’t be working then, and it could take hours to get in touch with them. You can eliminate the risk (and headache) that comes with this sort of issue by hiring a managed IT support team. They monitor your systems round the clock throughout the year.

Reduced Downtime

No business can afford downtime. Every second you are not completely operational, you are losing money. As we mentioned above, a managed IT solutions provider keeps an eye on your systems 24×7, 7 days a week, which means they catch an issue before it becomes a problem and disrupt the business.

Outsource Your IT Needs to the Best Managed IT Support Provider in California

As you can see, your company stands to gain a lot from switching to a managed IT provider. You will not only save a lot of money and time but also be able to go up against the big players in your industry. Once you build an ongoing partnership with the managed IT engineers, you will experience a gradual improvement in the quality of the services as well.

At We Solve Problems, we allow you to maintain a safer and more secure IT environment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can ensure that your infrastructure is up-to-date and reliable, so your customers trust you and stay loyal to you.

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