IT Support Guide for Law Firms

it support for law firms is beneficial
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IT Support Guide for Law Firms

Regardless of your industry, businesses always try to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. However, information technology (IT) is often overlooked, and many companies may need to consider having the right strategies in place. 

Information technology is constantly evolving, and many small businesses need help staying on top of things. This is why IT support for small businesses, especially law firms, can be incredibly beneficial.

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IT Evolution for Law Firms

Information technology is applicable to large businesses and critical for small businesses, including law firms. IT has helped firms keep their cases organized and information safe and secure within the legal industry, which can also help customers achieve their goals when it comes to law.


For decades, a lot of IT work was done primarily on desktops, especially for law firms. However, modern laptops have quickly replaced old desktops, particularly after 2020. Not only are these devices faster, but they can expand how law firms do business. Nowadays, many law firms are using these laptops to get more work done securely and remotely.


In addition to switching to laptops, law firms require robust and reliable networks to manage a modern workflow. Secure internet connectivity is key to protecting data while connecting with outside vendors and clients. 


While your law firm may have been doing a good job keeping up with client demands that require information exchange, your data needs to be secure. Data Centers or cloud storage options can both be implemented securely to protect your and your clients’ data.


In addition to safeguards for data, servers are a great way to stay connected to information through technology. Usually, these servers are kept in these data centers to provide IT solutions for your firm.

Support Teams

Support teams are another part of the evolving IT world that has benefited law firms. Through IT support, firms have direct access to professionals to resolve IT issues whenever they need them.

Compliance That You Should Consider

There are many things that law firms need to take into consideration before choosing an IT team to partner with or bring in-house. One of the main things is compliance. Law firms have many responsibilities toward their clients, including protecting data. Firms can do this by meeting specific IT compliance requirements.

To better understand what compliance issues your firm may face and a strategy to combat any gaps, consider reaching out to We Solve Problems IT.

Data Sharing

Handling sensitive information is crucial for law firms. Transferring data from one place to another without extra security can leave that data vulnerable. However, IT support can encrypt the data to prevent theft. 

Incident Response Plan

Incidents can occur even if you roll out a robust plan for securing your data. Your managed IT company can help develop a response plan, and your firm should have it in place to proactively combat when an issue occurs. If you need help with a response plan, consider reaching out to an IT professional for assistance.

GDPR Compliance

GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation. This law outlines an organization’s requirements to safeguard its data appropriately. GDPR is one form of compliance that your law firm needs to consider when securing its data.

IT Support for Your Law Firm

Now you know what issues could affect your law firm regarding technology and cybersecurity and some steps that can be taken to protect your data and ensure your IT is compliant. When looking for an IT professional to help your law firm, consider some of the following needs.

Cloud Services

Cloud services can be very beneficial for a law firm. Moving data to the cloud can boost overall productivity. In fact, it allows everyone on your law team to access files and communicate. Working in the Cloud makes data organization and access much more manageable and reduces your server maintenance costs and risks. Consider asking about the cloud services IT teams offer when deciding who to choose.


It is crucial to back up data. In the event of a disaster, backups are all that prevent you from losing all copies of your vital documents. IT service teams can help you organize and store your data while ensuring that it is backed up frequently to avoid issues. In the event of data loss, your IT team can restore the latest backup to your system.

Clients also count on you to keep their data safe. Backups can help you retain client information so your operations can continue running with minimal hiccups. 


Disasters happen. While it is not ideal, having a recovery plan is crucial for when these issues occur. IT teams and service providers can help create a comprehensive plan to safeguard the information that needs to be kept safe and secure.

Remote Monitoring

When you work with a managed IT team, they can remotely monitor your law firm’s data and IT issues. Your IT team can check on the status of your servers and networks around the clock regardless of location and, most importantly, provide assistance almost immediately. By partnering with a managed IT company, you can often avoid the costs of hiring and training an in-house team. 

Get IT Support For Your Law Firm Today

Now we have established the following regarding IT technology: 

  • IT continues to evolve 
  • All companies, regardless of size, are vulnerable to cyber threats
  • Compliance can vary between industries 
  • There are more effective ways to share data
  • All sensitive data must be secured

It is essential to have technological safeguards in place to ensure that your company can continue to operate day-to-day. And the great thing is that you do not have to do it alone. Whether your firm lacks a dedicated IT team or your IT team needs additional assistance, consider getting a free consultation with We Solve Problems IT to learn more about their industry-tailored solutions.
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