Business Compliance

Business Compliance

As online users worldwide become increasingly conscious about sharing data, the regulatory authorities are stepping up the requirements for data protection and privacy. Forward looking businesses are now recognizing that their ability to protect data will not only help them improve compliance but also create a distinct business advantage.

As your business grows, so does your business-critical data. And if your workforce has also moved to remote work due to the pandemic, having an integrated approach to being business compliant is now more crucial than ever.

We Solve Problems has an established practice to help businesses meet industry, state, federal, and regulatory technology requirements. Since meeting these levels of IT compliance is an ongoing process, our services include regular and meticulous testing of your information technology management strategy.

PCI Compliance

Do you accept credit card payments?

Businesses that process credit cards or other forms of electronic payments need to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI). Our in-house security experts provide a tactical roadmap to make sure your business is managing this data by adhering to industry regulations. We also offer detection and remediation of any gaps present in your adherence to PCI compliance.

If your business accepts, stores, processes, or transmits credit card information, you must comply with the latest PCI standard prerequisites. Penalties for non-compliance are more stringent than ever before. It’s critical for all companies to address their vulnerabilities and align their security strategies with more effective proactive solutions to meet these regulations.

CMMC Compliance

Are you a contractor to government agencies?

The Department of Defense introduced the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) as their newest verification system that’s designed to protect the Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI).  This regulation has probably created several questions for you and your team. We are here to connect the dots to help you navigate the complex world of compliance quickly and efficiently, and establish continuous monitoring to remain CMMC business compliant.

HIPAA Compliance

Do you store or manage electronic healthcare data?

Any organization that accesses, stores, or manages electronic healthcare data is subject to HIPAA compliance requirements. These regulations are designed to protect consumer information and provide peace of mind to patients that their sensitive health information is kept confidential.

Several organizations across California subject to HIPAA depend on We Solve Problems to substantiate their compliance and offer the strategies required to ensure the long-term commitment to best practices. Our in-house auditors can examine the existing environment to identify HIPAA violations, guiding you to resolve them and ensure long-term compliance.

Why It’s Important to Be Business Compliant

If your business is non-compliant, there are ways things can go for you:

Bad corporate standing

Most states, including California, require limited liability companies (LLCs) and corporations to file annual reports and pay the applicable filing fees. Failure to meet these requirements in a timely fashion causes your business to be in “bad corporate standing” in the state. Consequences of this non-adherence include administrative dissolution of the company or revocation of the LLC/corporate status.

Piercing the corporate veil

LLCs and corporations must act like what they are, i.e., there should be a clear difference between the business and the owner. This means maintaining a business bank account and transacting business under the company name. In other words, the entity status must be protected. Piercing the corporate veil occurs when a business is considered to be working more like a general partnership/sole proprietorship than an LLC/corporation. Consequences of doing this include being held personally liable for corporate debts.

As a busy company owner, being business compliant might be the last thing on your mind. We Solve Problems can make sure your business always stays in good standing, regardless of any changes in the regulations. When you work with us, you get access to a knowledgeable team who understands your business-compliance goals and will work hard to design and implement tailored solutions to meet your business’ specific needs.

Contact Us For A Free Business Compliance Audit

One of the most important ways to remain business compliant is by educating end-users about industry best practices. The best way to mitigate risk is by training up employees on the subject of compliance. This is where we come in.

Our compliance and governance experts can educate you and your employees to understand these prerequisites and create a long-term and sustainable adherence strategy. We may even be able to help you pinpoint new areas of risk management and compliance so you can save your company from potential liabilities or lawsuits.

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