6 Benefits of Working With a Managed IT Service Provider

working with a managed it service provider has benefits
Managed IT Services

6 Benefits of Working With a Managed IT Service Provider

Since 2020, businesses have dramatically changed the way they operate. New technology has become essential to running a business, whether it is remotely from home or in an office building. 

Regardless of the work model, businesses have learned that they need to manage their IT infrastructure effectively. Some companies have opted to beef up their IT team, while others have chosen to work alongside a reputable managed IT service provider. Both paths can increase the efficiency of operations, and sometimes companies need both. 

We Solve Problems IT is one of the LA area’s top managed IT service providers (MSPs). They provide businesses with an array of technological and operational benefits. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of working with a managed IT service provider!

Predictable Costs for IT Services

While many businesses choose to hire an in-house team for their IT services, this can be costly. For a small business, hiring in-house is typically out of the picture. However, many companies can avoid higher expenses by working alongside an MSP. Managed IT services allow companies to work on a subscription basis, which offers more predictable upfront IT cost. 

Managed IT offers additional advantages compared to non-subscription, outsourced break/fix IT (where a business reaches out to IT only when issues arise). The subscription model incentivizes an MSP to find value for you, and they will proactively identify issues before they impact your business.

While it can seem daunting to choose from several cost options, there are simple ways to go about it. Subscription-based services are packaged deals that may work for your business needs. These packages might be more cost-effective for your organization but may offer limited customization. Most MSPs provide free consultations. We recommend taking advantage of these consultations to review services and find a plan that works best for you and your company. Typically, these services include system updates, maintaining security, reducing the cost of hardware, and more!

Enhanced Productivity

Since many businesses have begun to rely heavily on technology, it is vital to understand the impact of strategic technology use. Not only can technology help businesses perform everyday activities, but you can streamline operations as well. To optimize processes and maintain productivity, companies should look to implement IT infrastructure that is both proactive and reactive. IT issues can lead to system downtime, costing businesses money. 

When systems go down, productivity goes down. A managed IT service provider, such as We Solve Problems, can help manage and enhance productivity in the workplace in a myriad of ways. We Solve Problems implements all the technological safeguards required to secure your business. They also offer 24/7 remote monitoring of your systems and networks to ensure minimal downtime. Furthermore, when your employees need IT assistance, We Solve Problems is ready to respond and provide viable solutions. With a team like We Solve Problems in your corner, you know that your team has the right resources and support to work optimally every day. 

IT Security Improvements

Another reason working with a managed IT service provider can be so beneficial is the overall security improvements. Since small businesses are especially susceptible to cybersecurity threats, there must be proper protocols to deal with any type of vulnerability that occurs. This will minimize damage as well as decrease the risks that come with online security.

An experienced managed IT service provider can help your business avoid cybercriminal attacks. They can also prevent malware from entering networks, resolve issues, and block hackers. Doing so will protect your business’s sensitive information and eliminate security issues. Your managed IT service provider constantly monitors advanced technology systems to ensure you stay protected.

Support From Experts

When it comes to running a small business, making money is crucial. Every penny counts. With that said, constant IT issues can rack up a lot of costs. In fact, it can even lead to a loss of revenue, reputation, and lead to stressed employees. 

Many small businesses partner with a managed IT service provider to avoid this. By doing this, the provider gives the company a point of contact. This allows business owners and employees to get in touch with experts to answer any IT questions.

If an IT issue occurs, it needs to be fixed as quickly as possible. This will also prevent the development of any long-term problems. Luckily, many service providers are there around the clock to ensure that the businesses they work with get the support they need.


Managed IT service providers offer various services to their clients, including more than just monitoring networks. They often help businesses implement security plans, incident response plans, and cybersecurity protocols for added protection. Another popular service is cloud-based services.

The cloud allows businesses to store and access important data and tools when needed. This lowers the maintenance cost and risks to crucial data associated with physical servers owned by the business

New Technology

New technology is also crucial for businesses. Since technology is constantly evolving, companies often must keep up with the changing market. However, many businesses fall behind when it comes to keeping up with technology. Luckily, managed IT service providers give companies direct access to new technology they may not have otherwise and can help organizations pick the best-updated technology for their needs.

Contact a Managed IT Service Provider in LA

At this point, you have seen how beneficial managed IT service providers can be to your small business. However, it is also essential to consider the long-term benefits these service providers can give you. While each may operate slightly differently, they can all benefit your business directly. To get in touch with a top-notch team of managed IT service providers, contact We Solve Problems IT today!